Introduction to Graphic Design

Taught: Fall 2022, Spring 2023, Spring 2024

︎ 100 Sketches
︎ 10 Vectors
︎ 3 Posters
︎ 1 Book

Design is a process — not just a result. Introduction to Graphic Design teaches this, as well as principles of graphic design, in both theory and practice.

Projects build upon one another — starting with the idea of formstorming: interpreting one word 100 different ways via sketch. Students then learn Illustrator basics and create 10 vectors of their given word. From there, we move to Photoshop and create 3 posters of the same subject. Finally, we learn InDesign, creating a 44-page book with basic and literal interpretations of — you guessed it — that same word.

Work by Rinnell Borges

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